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Worldwide popular unblocked game is getting more popular by each day. We actually don’t know why it is so popular. It could be because of easy gameplay.

There are hundreds of servers to play in. We talk about public servers, for sure. There’s party mode where you can only with invited friends. The game is also known as Agario that is the same name without a dot. Another good thing is that being available on mobile devices with no compatibility issues.

Here’s another good point: it is completely free. Money is only needed if you’re interested in buying featured skins. Nevertheless, there are just hundreds of free skins available. You just are asked to log in with your social accounts easily and freely.

There’re two same titles for the most popular io game online: Agario unblocked or unblocked. is actually the link of the game. That’s why many players call the game Agario. It simply is based on growing your avatar by collecting littler points, not spiky ones those will split you into pieces. Greater avatars and beat smaller ones. To make the game fair, developers decreased the speed of greater avatars. Otherwise, there will be no smaller avatars to survive. Splitting into pieces is also a tactic to speed up used by pro players. Beginners aren’t recommended to try it because re-gathering your pieces is pretty difficult. You may lose some of them.

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